The TIP TIG welding process is a very unique hot wire TIG welding process for automated welding, bore cladding, orbital welding and aluminum welding that uses our patented wire feed technology. The benefits of our system will provide the highest quality, highest deposition rates with the lowest possible heat input values consistently delivering the greatest metallurgical results on all alloys and it has also proven to provide the lowest possible hexavalent chrome weld fume emissions which have been measured as undetectable.

Unlike nearly all other hot wire TIG welding processes, it can be operated both manually in all positions, as well as with our patented automation systems. A widely recognized benefit we deliver is the reduction in labor cost associated with costly rework and training.

Simply put…It’s just simple to use, teach and to learn!

The TIP TIG welding machines are wire fed TIG systems that create a vibratory force on the welding wire in addition to applying hot wire current to the filler metal prior to entering the weld puddle. The vibratory effect is created by a sinusoidal mechanical agitation created by the custom wire feeder system and the hot wire current is created by a secondary power source within the TIP TIG welding machine. Take some time to explore the benefits of TIP TIG welding on various alloys such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels, Inconel, Stellite, Titanium, Aluminum, Hastelloy, Copper Nickel, Nickel Chrome Alloys and many others.


The unique TIP TIG weld dynamic slows down the weld solidification process and enlarges the fluid weld area. The TIP TIG weld changes, improve the TIG weld receptivity for higher weld deposition rates. TIP TIG typically enables a 100% to 400% increase in TIG wire feed rates which also allows higher weld current to be used. The resulting faster TIP TIG weld speeds and higher than normal TIG weld energy enables numerous TIG weld quality and productivity benefits.