Cost comparison

… actual savings calculated on a real stainless steel welding application comparing conventional TIG and TIP TIG on a pipe application (2″ DN50 SCH 80S Stainless, Outside diameter  = 60.3 mm, Wall thickness = 5.54 mm ) in the 5G position.

Variable / ResultUnitsConventional TIGTIP TIG
Welding processTIGTIG
Wire typeER308LER308L
Wire size2.4 mm0.9 mm
Wire feed speedm/min0.11.91
Melt off ratekg/h0.220.58
Deposition efficiency%100100
Deposition ratekg/h0.220.58
Duty cycle%100100
Final deposition ratekg/h0.220.58
Gas typeArgonArgon
Flow ratem3/h0.850.85
Gas/Wire ratiom3/kg3.921.48
Gas price€/m322.5922.59
Wire price€/kg2.562.56
Labor and overhead costs€/h100100
Wire purchased per year per station11
Number of welding station11
Welding costs per kg of weld deposited
Wire costs2.562.56
Gas costs88.4933.34
Labor costs460.83173.61
Total costs551.88209.51
Cost saving per kg 342.37